Willful Defiance

The 58-second cell phone clip of a Santa Monica teacher wrestling a student to the floor has gone viral.

Here’s what happened:

Mark Black was teaching science when he admonished a student for walking in and out of his classroom. He soon learned that it had something to do with drugs. When Black told the student he was going to call security, the student went up to Black and began to assault him. Black, the school’s wrestling coach, responded with a series of wrestling moves and restrained the student on the classroom floor until security could arrive.
Initially, the student’s family was consoled by the district superintendent and Black was chastised and put on leave. 
Then came a flood of emails, coupled with an eruption on social media – fed by parents and students alike – expressing indignation over Black’s treatment and support of his forced reaction. A rally was held on Sunday dubbed “Community Peace Gathering celebrating Mark Black and all teachers who step up for their students.” Tens of thousands have “liked” a “We Support Coach Black” Facebook page.
It’s seemed to do the trick.
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Daily Headline News

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India's top court recognizes third gender category

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Communion and Baptism

This Palm Sunday weekend, we're going to do something at Meck we've never done before. We always strive for creativity and innovation, but that's not what we mean here. We mean that we're going to experience two things in a single service that we've never experienced together before.

And to raise the stakes even higher, both are "sacraments." The most holy, sacred, compelling events of the Christian faith.
One is baptism, the other is the Lord's Supper.
But we're not just going to experience them, senior pastor James Emery White will be teaching about them. Exploring them. Investigating their meaning and significance for our lives.


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